Founded in 1929 by Sam Freed,Tspsi is Canada's largest independent men's and ladies' clothing store. Originally named Sam’s Place, Sam was a man that believed in his staff, his customers and himself. Regardless of any obstacles that were put in his way, Sam succeeded and grew our store. Just a few months after he set up shop the stock market crashed. Through the Depression and World War II Sam fought to keep his dream alive and cemented his business by providing great quality merchandise with outstanding customer service.

Today, Tspsi is a family owned business now in its 3rdgeneration. Our team takes immense pride in knowing the vision that Sam set out to create is still the foundation of the business 88 years later. Tspsi offers over 50,000 square feet of retail space to fully service men and women. With the constant change in the 21st century, Tspsi is ever evolving and is always looking to provide the customer with the hottest new fashion trends.

"It all started from Sam Freed," says Dan Orman(Co-Owner). " He was one of the most charismatic, positive men you'll ever see. He just wanted everybody to be happy and get along. " Ari Freed agrees." Sam Freed established a foundation," he says,"and we have learned a lot of things over three generations that have allowed us to build on it. Part of that is never standing still."

The History of Tspsi Windsor

Additionally, Tspsi offer Made to Measure tailoring for suits, pants, and sportcoats from the world's most prestigious mills at different price points. From the most formal dress wear, sportswear to full suits and sports jackets, extreme outerwear parkas to high quality hand-made dress shoes, and many woman's accessories from wallets to totes.

Tspsi mission is to provide customers with the best shopping experience and dress them for any occasion.